The Washington Redskins Are Now 0-4 Since Hosting A Native American “Blessing Ceremony”

The Washington Redskins have just about the worst month stretch as you can possibly have in the NFL.

In mid-November the Skins were sitting atop the NFC East with the disappointing Eagles and then pathetic Cowboys limping behind trying to catch up. Since that time, they have dropped four straight and had both their starting and backup QBs suffer broken legs.

There’s only one explanation.


The Redskins hosted a ceremony on the Saturday before the team took on the Texans at FedEx field in Week 14 in conjunction with American Indian Heritage Month.

Of course the Redskins have been proactive in the Native American community, a community made of many who criticize the team for using a derogatory term as their team name.

As part of the festivities, Blackfeet Nation tribe members, tribal elders and spiritual leaders came together to perform a customary blessing, giving thanks and asking for good health, good luck, protection and victory.

The very next day, the Redskins lost 23-21 to the Texans and Alex Smith suffered his gruesome season-ending leg broken leg.

The next week, they lost 31-23 to the Cowboys.

The game after, they lost 28-13 to the Eagles, with Colt McCoy suffered his broken leg.

The following week featured an embarrassing 40-16 blowout loss to the Giants.

Three straight losses to divisional opponents later and the Redskins are all but done and are falling apart, with captains of their own team publicly ripping the organization with profanities on social media.

Looks like that blessing was more of a curse.