AFC Championship Game To Be Played Under Incredibly Rare “Super Blood Moon” Total Lunar Eclipse

Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the Chiefs and Patriots will feature an Arctic blast bringing in temperatures reaching as frigid as below zero, possibly making it the coldest game in the history of Arrowhead Stadium.

There will be another natural phenomenon taking place the night of January 20th, one that’s even “cooler”.

A total lunar eclipse will take place on the night of the game, only the second time one will have ever taken place as the same time as an NFL game was being played, and the first time it will be viewable by fans as the first ever occurrence took place over a domed stadium.

The eclipse, dubbed a “super blood wolf moon,” is the first supermoon of 2019 and will be the first total lunar eclipse visible in its entirety across the U.S. since Dec. 21, 2010.

Here is a NASA animation of how a blood mood is created during an eclipse: