Patriots-Rams Super Bowl Match-Up Has Caused Ticket Prices To Plummet

Heading into championship weekend last week, the NFL was looking at two potential dream-worthy Super Bowl matchups with either two all-time great QBs facing off against each other in the Saints and Patriots or a rematch of the best regular-season games in league history with the high powered Rams and Chiefs.

Instead, the NFL got Patriots vs. Rams, and the ticket prices have reflected the lackluster matchup.

According to TicketIQ, an aggregator of ticket-buying options on the primary and secondary markets, prices for seats have plummeted, dropping a whopping 17 percent since the matchup was set.


TicketIQ founder Jesse Lawrence called the Patriots-Rams match-up a “worst-case” demand scenario. The Patriots playing in their fifth Super Bowl this decade leading to fan fatigue and the Rams, a team with a fan base in it’s infancy and located across the country on the west coast.

Lawrence outlined that on the contrary, the Chiefs haven’t been in the Super Bowl in 49 years, which would have created a pent-up demand for Super Bowl tickets among their fans had they made it to the big game. The Saints enjoy a fanatical fan following, and New Orleans is by far the closest city to Atlanta among the four teams that made it to the conference championships.

Super Bowl tickets will still dwarf prices for regular season games with the least expensive ticket going for $3,500, with the best seats were priced at $30,000.

(Atlanta Business Chronicle)