Man Wins 560x His Money After Correctly Betting Brady Would Throw INT On First Pass Of Super Bowl

It’s impossible to tell the future but after what this man had riding on the Super Bowl, the FBI might want to investigate.

With the NFL’s second ranked offense taking on the greatest quarterback of all time, it’s impressive to have predicted that the big game’s score would be 0-0 at the end of the first quarter.

It’s even more impressive to predict that greatest quarterback of all time would throw an interception on his very first pass of his ninth Super Bowl. As we all know by now, that first pass ended up in the hands of a Rams defender.

It’s even MORE impressive to simultaneously predict both.

That was the reality for one man who placed a whopping two bucks on that coming to fruition before the game started, and went home on February 3rd $1,131.58 richer.

It was the biggest payout relative to the bet of anyone who wagered on Super Bowl LIII.

The only bad news for the winner? If only he had bet a bit more, he’d likely be retired by now. Instead, he’ll just have some extra spending money and some bragging rights.