After Just One Week, The AAF Has Been Sold Due To Failing To Make Payroll

The NFL is a monopoly professional football league in the United States due to ever attempt in history to start an alternative league to either compete or coexist resulting in failure.

The Alliance of American Football was the latest to try their hand at the job, and backed by a former NFL executive and team chairman Bill Polian and television producer Charlie Ebersol, it seemed like the league was in the right hands.

After posting monster ratings in their debut two weeks ago, the future for the new league looked promising, but it was not pretty behind the scenes.

According to The Action Network‘s Darren Rovell, the league ran out on money after the first week and failed to make payroll, leaving some of it’s players without their Week 1 game checks.

In a scramble for funding and to save the league, Polian and Ebersol have reportedly sold essentially the entire company’s stake to Tom Dundon, current owner of Carolina Hurricanes.

The AAF will continue it’s inaugural season.