Steelers Reportedly Turned Down Better Trade Offer For Antonio Brown From The Patriots

The Steelers were seemingly holding out for a high, if not first round draft pick as compensation for trading away Antonio Brown, until of course the Raiders were able to work out a deal by sending a mere 3rd and 5th rounder for arguably the best WR in football.

Though many thought with Browns antics, combined with his age and salary demands, there were just simply no better offers out there, but it appears as if the Patriots had one.

New England, a familiar foe of the Steelers, reportedly had their offer of a 2nd and 4th rounder declined from Pittsburgh.


Although not taking the best offer possible for one of your best players seems illogical, keeping a weapon like Antonio Brown away from the team in your division who’s made it to eight straight AFC Championship games seems sensical.

The decision is also aided that the Raiders are picking near the top of the 3rd round while the Patriots are at the end of the 2nd, (same applying for the 4th and 4th round picks), making for the disparity between picks not too far.

Perhaps the Patriots should have thrown in a free “spa day” for Steelers management.