Cleveland Browns Now Have 5th Best Odds Of Winning Super Bowl After Odell Beckham Jr. Trade

(Via: @NFL)

The concept of including the words ‘Cleveland Browns’ in the same sentence as ‘Super Bowl’ just two years ago was laughable.

A fantastic draft followed by a stellar offseason later, and they’re not just in the same sentence, the Browns are Super Bowl contenders.

The Browns traded for Super Star WR Odell Beckham Jr. Tuesday night, and the move combined with other acquisitions including Kareem Hunt and Olivier Vernon have vaulted Cleveland into the having the 5th best odds wot win Super Bowl 54.

With 7-1 odds only behind the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams, the Browns are in a good position heading into 2019.


Those odds are helped by the fact that every other team in the AFC North got worse, making it a real possibility that the Browns win their divison next season.

Not a bad turn around for a team that went 0-16 just two seasons ago.