Ryan Fitzpatrick Shows Up To Dolphins Facility Looking Fat & Completely Out Of Shape

With Dwyane Wade having played his final NBA game, is this now the face of sports in Miami?

Ryan Fitzpatrick was signed by the Dolphins after trading former quarterback Ryan Tannehill to the Titans.

The veteran will be under center for a year in which it appears as if the team is tanking for a top pick in the 2020 NFL draft, and with how Fitzpatrick looked when he showed up the ‘Phins facility, he might be the center by the time the season rolls around, pun intended.

when she says her parents aren’t home and she just ordered 2 large pizzas, some breadsticks, and a dozen wings. pic.twitter.com/obxdtQwJ7O— josh houtz (@houtz) April 11, 2019

Dwyane Wade’s career over?
No worries, Miami! pic.twitter.com/lONjGrGjlf— Brendan Tobin (@Brendan_Tobin) April 10, 2019

Ryan Fitzpatrick is out here outdrinking all of you guys! 🤣 pic.twitter.com/fUPf5QDKNx— Yvonne✨ (@iSweetHrt) April 11, 2019

Ryan Fitzpatrick came straight from beer fest to start games for the Miami Dolphins this year pic.twitter.com/7duhvC9emT— Yahoo Fantasy Sports (@YahooFantasy) April 10, 2019

Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like Tim Allen in “The Santa Clause” mid transformation pic.twitter.com/rWc8tpfjIa— Luke Diamond (@ForTheCOLTure) April 11, 2019

Ryan Fitzpatrick looking more like Ryan Thicksfatrick pic.twitter.com/6uIjYcJHCg— Lord (@SteveFitness14) April 11, 2019

Dolphin fans: Haskins showed up to his pro day looking out of shape? Keep him away from my team!!!

Also Dolphin fans: Ryan Fitzpatrick is a fun gunslinger! We’re not tanking! pic.twitter.com/CbNvrbJiKL— Sad D Wade Fan #OneLastDance (@SadDolphins_Fan) April 10, 2019

@WhatHeLooksLike Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like Yukon Cornelius. pic.twitter.com/mEH7bufsEt— Chris Francetic (@21Francetic) April 11, 2019