Giants QB Daniel Jones Has A Lower Madden Rating Than A Player Who Went Undrafted

Rightfully so, there have been plenty of doubters of the New York Giants top draft pick Daniel Jones.

That apparently included Madden.

The popular video game asses a rating to each player reflective of how well or poorly they perform on the field in real life.

Despite being taken sixth overall in the draft, Madden handed a mere rating of 63 to the rookie, lower than one un-drafted free agent from the same class.

Tyree Jackson was given a 64 overall rating.

For comparison, Kyler Murray, who went just six spots before Jones at #1, was given a 73.

Here’s a full look at the quarterback ratings:

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray (73)
Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins (72)
Broncos QB Drew Lock (67)
Panthers QB Will Grier (66)
Bills QB Tyree Jackson (64)
Giants QB Daniel Jones (63)


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