49ers Safety Antone Exum Releases “Officer Kaepernick” Rap Song About Police Brutality

Article via – SFGate

San Francisco 49ers safety and aspiring rapper Antone Exum recently released a new single about police brutality titled “Officer Kaepernick” but wants to make people understand, It’s his own message.

Like Kaepernick, Exum believes police brutality and racial injustices in America are serious problems that need solving. But Exum is determined to take a more “unifying” approach to the national discussion.

“It’s a different approach because it’s my approach, and I don’t ever want to bring negativity into it,” Exum said. “I’m not Colin’s soldier. I like the guy, I think he’s courageous and had a positive intent, but at the end of the day I’m my own self, and I’m coming to the party with a more unifying attitude, not saying he didn’t.”

Exum said the song was written over a year ago, and didn’t have a particular reason for releasing it now. The song mainly centers around police brutality and other issues related to the criminal justice system.

In the song, Exum addresses over-policing with the line, “It’s already 80 cops why you call another three,” and takes aim at unfair sentencing with the line, “Why the judge looking down like he on stilts?”

But the song also includes the line “I love em’ and I hate em’ half and half like the drink,” which is intended to demonstrate that he does have love for law enforcement, even if he believes there are serious issues with the country’s criminal justice system.

“It needs to be said there are good cops, good officials, good judges, good prison guards,” he said. “There will always be a flip side and it shouldn’t be ignored.”

Exum wants to share his message with anyone who will listen, including President Donald Trump.