NFL Changes Down & Distance Graphic Color During Halftime After Fans Complain

The joy of Monday Night Football back in our lives was quickly dashed when we were presented with the 2019 iteration of the telecast’s on-screen graphics, specifically the color down & distance marker.

For some inexplicable reason, ESPN decided it would be a good idea to make that area a bright neon yellowy-green color and place it in the same location as viewers are used to seeing penalty alerts flash on screen.

In turn, ESPN made fans watching thing there was a flag on literally every single play.

After tens of thousands of fans complained on social media, ESPN had no choice but to change the color to white and black during halftime.


Here’s a look at the before and after of the graphic (seen in the bottom right corner of the screen) before and after halftime.

That’s right, social media just cyber-bullied a multi-billion dollar company into changing their ways in the matter of hours.

Next up, getting Booger McFarland kicked out of the booth.