Rob Gronkowski Said He Suffered More Than 20 Concussions During His Football Career

Rob Gronkowski has flirted with the idea of coming back to the NFL since his retirement but the more Gronk talks about the injuries he’s suffered during his playing career, the more you think it’s best if he doesn’t come back.

The former Patriots tight end recently did an interview with CBS where he discussed the amount of injures he sustained during his career. He talked about the numerous surgeries he’s had — nine to be exact.

But the one glaring remark from Gronk was about the head injuries he’s sustained.

Gronk said he suffered 20, yes twenty concussions during his playing career:

“I truly believe any injury that you receive is fixable though. I went through it. I had 9 surgeries. Probably had like 20 concussions in my life, like, no lie. I remember 5, like, blackout ones.”

Gronk might go down as the greatest tight end to ever play the game and he might still have a lot left in the tank but for the sake of his brain, maybe Gronk should stick to retirement.