Percy Harvin Says He Got High Before Every Single NFL Game He Played During His Career

There has been a trend among NFL players opening up about their drug usage after their playing career comes to a close, and Percy Harvin is the latest in line.

Not too long after WR Calvin Johnson revealed that he smoked marijuana following games, WR Percy Harvin has revealed that not he used to smoke prior to the games, in fact, every single game he every played during his seven-year NFL career.

Harvin spoke with Bleacher Report’s Master Tesfatsion and opened up about various subjects including punching Seahawks teammate Golden Tate before Super Bowl XLVIII and his marijuana usage.

Per Yahoo Sports, in regard to his scuffle with Tate, Harvin explained that he was upset with Tate telling reporters prior to the game that Seattle made it to the Super Bowl without him and would be fine regardless of whether he played in the game.


Harvin had missed the NFC championship with a concussion. He said he confronted Tate in the locker room because of his statement to the media, wondering whether Tate was happy for him being able to play.

“Thinking about it now, I can’t even believe I did it,” Harvin said. … “I was so already wrapped up, it didn’t even matter what his answer was. Anything he coulda said, I still was gonna — I was already at 10, 10.5.”

He said he knocked Tate into a trash can and that running back Marshawn Lynch had to play peacemaker after he gave Tate a black eye before the team photo.

Harvin also talked about getting high prior to the start of each game in order to cope with his severe anxiety. The WR noted that smoking week worked while a cocktail of seven prescription medications didn’t.

“The only thing that really seemed to work is when I would smoke marijuana,” Harvin said. “There’s not a game I’ve played in that I wasn’t high.”