BREAKING: NFL Suspends George Kittle For Remainder Of Season After Vicious Beating Of Baker Mayfield On Sidelines

The NFL suspended San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle without pay for the rest of the season, after Kittle furiously beat upon Baker Mayfield on the sideline in a game early this week.

“This kind of reckless display must be met with swift action, and we believe we have done that” said Ricky Schroeder, head of NFL relations in regard to Kittle, who clearly had it out for Mayfield from the very beginning.

In this short clip, we see that for some odd reason Mayfield found his way to the 49ers sideline. With the crowd then cheering him on, Kittle brazenly raised his open hand three times on top of Mayfield’s rather wide frame, pummeling him. Perhaps dazed, Mayfield shows no reaction and just stood there, stunned at this turn of events.

Minutes later Baker Mayfield could then be seen inhaling empty Gatorade bottles and energy bar wrappers by the mouthful, keeping the area around him spotless. Fans said he seems to be a natural and should perhaps make that his new career.

In addition to the suspension, the league has also fined Clay Matthews $250,000 for this.