Desmond Howard Wants The Refs’ Bank Accounts Investigated After Packers-Lions Game

Monday night featured a good game seemingly taken away from us due to phantom penalties.

The Packers beat the Lions by a score of 23-22 on MNF in Green Bay, unquestionably aided by a slew of missed calls and phantom penalties by the officiating crew. 

Two non-existent ‘hands to the face’ flags were thrown on Detroit DE Trey Flowers to extend drives for the Packers and lead to points, notably the latter which came on Green Bay’s game-winning drive.

Keep in mind, through five NFL seasons, Trey Flowers had never been called for that penalty during his career, until last night.


The second flag on Flowers, set many fans over the top, including former NFL-er and current ESPN Analyst Desmond Howard. 

We were all thinking it, Desmond Howard just said it.

It may be important to note that there is clearly no bias with Howard’s assessment, considering he’s a former Packer.