Bengals Fan Vows To Sleep On Roof Of His Restaurant Every Night Until First Win

(AP Photo/Gary Landers)

This might last a while.

One Cincinnati Bengals is willing to do the unthinkable until his team actually wins a game this season.

According to Tessa DiTirro of WKRC, Jeff Lanham is living in a tent on the roof above his Hog Rock Cafe restaurant until the 0-7 Bengals find their first win. He plans on eating food from the restaurant and has amenities such as a phone charger, air mattress, blankets and a heater:

Looking ahead at the Bengals schedule, they play the Rams in London, host the Ravens, travel to Oakland to face the Raiders, host the Steelers and then the Jets on December 1st.


How long this lasts? Nobody knows but for the same of this die-hard Bengals fan, let’s hope he gets to get home before the weather gets really bad.