Cowboys Fan Puts Together Video Accusing The Patriots Of Cheating During Their 13-9 Win

The Dallas Cowboys fanbase will not let this one go.

It’s been about a week since the New England Patriots defeated the Dallas Cowboys 13-9 in a controversial game at Gillette Stadium.

Instead of moving on and shifting focus to the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving, the Cowboys fanbase is still upset over the loss to the New England. A Cowboys fan put together this video accusing the Patriots of cheating.

The video was promoted by Dallas radio host R.J. Choppy and it comes from the second quarter where officials moved the first-down marker from the Patriots 5-yard-line to the 4-yard line in between first and second down, seemingly adding a yard to the Cowboys’ yard to gain:


According to Yahoo Sports, the chain gang just screwed up where the spot was supposed to be to begin with, and decided to fix after Dallas’ 1st-down play:

“There was a mistake, but it seems to have come on the spot of the ball. Here’s the official play-by-play:

2-8-DAL 49 (4:33) D.Prescott pass deep middle to M.Gallup to NE 29 for 22 yards (D.Harmon) [D.Wise]. P9
PENALTY on NE-D.Wise, Roughing the Passer, 15 yards, enforced at NE 29. X10
1-10-NE 14 (4:03) E.Elliott right guard to NE 11 for 3 yards (D.Hightower, J.Collins).
Except the ball wasn’t spotted at the 14-yard line for first down. It was at the 15, for whatever reason.”

Let it go, Cowboys fans.