Taysom Hill Throws 60-Yard Bomb Seconds After Troy Aikman Criticizes Him Being In Game

Taysom Hill is Sean Payton’s Swiss army knife, but he’s not just something to have fun with in the regular season.

The backup quarterback/running back/punt returner was being heavily utilized in the first half of Sunday’s Saints-Vikings game in New Orleans, and even threw a 60-yard bomb to put the Saints in position for a 2nd quarter score.

Funny enough, Troy Aikman’s criticized Brees not being in the game literally seconds before the big play.

What Troy didn’t realize is that having Brees out of the game heavily favored a run play, putting the Vikings in a bad position with no safety over the top for the play the Saints had drawn up.

Had Brees been in the game, even at WR, it’s likely Minnesota would have had a slightly different protection instituted.