FCC Received Over 1,500 Formal Complaints About J-Lo & Shakira’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

While most of the country throughly enjoyed Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl 53 halftime show (perhaps for reasons other than the actual music), others didn’t.

Instead of simply turning their television off for ten minutes, tens of thousands of people rioted online about the overly scandalous performance.

Some even went as far as to file formal complaints with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Here are some of the best or worst complaints:


Poinciana, Florida

This years show was extremely provocative in the female body moments and the simulated patting of J Lo’s derrière is not for family television.

Issaquah, Washington

My family was very excited to watch the Super Bowl tonight. However, I was not prepared to explain to my 11 yo daughter why Jennifer Lopez was dressed so scantily or why she kept grabbing her crotch. My daughter was asking if she was feeling sick from having so much skin showing. Maybe next year the NFL can warn parents the show may not be appropriate for children so we can have them leave the room.

Grovertown, Indiana

The super bowl half time show was gross I am 50 and ashamed i saw that evil crap on tv . What about all the children that watched that. Then j lo had the American flag touch the ground. There should millions of dollars in fines.

Madison, Mississippi

The halftime show last night was beyond inappropriate. Shakira laying on her side gyrating like sex, Lopez on a stripper pole, Lopez bending over to expose her butt crack, both performers grabbing their vaginas, Shakira grinding her butt against some tinfoil wearing man’s penis. This was incredibly offensive. My children were watching.

Henrico, Virginia

The halftime show was disgusting. The close ups of J-Lo’s vagina and anus was yucky. There was a stripper pole and a simulated orgy

De Soto, Kansas

Degrading and utterly disgusting, far beyond “community standards” of decency, and much worse than the Jackson incident. We live in eastern Kansas, but have no TV, thus took our 9 yo daughter to our local small-town sports bar to watch the game. She’s a farm girl, so understands sex, but could not stop asking “Mama, what’s all this?” Totally confused, and as she emerges into her young womanhood, absolutely abused. My wife and I did our best to use it as an object lesson, but when half the guys in the bar are voicing their disapproval and just looking down at the table … you know something is very wrong. Fox, and perhaps Pepsi, deserve a massive and painful fine so that nobody ever tries this barf-worthy nonsense again.

Atlanta, Georgia

What few community standards remain these days were stripped away (no pun intended) by “J Lo” (should be “J LOW”) at the half-time show shown on television for the Super Bowl on Sunday 2 FEB. My complaint is that this display is inappropriate on national television especially when children are watching. FIX IT.

Edmond, Oklahoma

The vagina grabbing, demeaning of females has to stop. This is a family show not a sexual predator show. Next time just show Robert Krafts message parlor videos!

Overland Park, Kansas

Gross, inappropriate, designed to titillate, patently offensive, sex for sex’s sake

Just in case some of those people are reading this article, they can watch the performance again.