Joe Burrow Had Hilarious Response For Having One Of Smallest Hand Sizes For A QB In Recent Memory

Joe Burrow isn’t fazed by the scrutiny and criticism.

The LSU Tigers quarterback hand size is some of the smallest we’ve seen since 2008 as he showed up at the 2020 NFL Combine in Indianapolis with 9-inch hands. But that didn’t faze Burrow as he managed to make light of the situation on Twitter:

Hand size means nothing. Kyler Murray went No. 1 overall in 2019, and Brown is likely to be the top pick in the 2020 Draft when the Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock.

Even Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and Super Bowl 54 MVP Patrick Mahomes has 9.25-inch hands. He’s doing just fine. He even jumped into the conversation on Twitter to back up Burrow: