Dwayne Haskins Was So Bad At Reading Playbook, Redskins Coaches Thought He Was Dyslexic

The Washington Redskins are looking to emerge from a rut of mediocrity and will do so on the wings of Ron Rivera and Dwayne Haskins.

Haskins didn’t perform to expectations in his rookie year, and reportedly didn’t do so well off the field either.

Doug Gottlieb of Fox Sports revealing that the former 2nd overall draft pick has so much trouble reading a playbook that Redskins coaches thought he was dyslexic.

With the Redskins having the 2nd overall pick in the draft again, it’s a possibility that the team could take Tua Tagovailoa or another highly projected quarterback, but they’ll likely stick with Haskins…which after this report, could be slightly concerning for fans in D.C.