You Can Now Play In The XFL On Madden Thanks To A Series Of Modifications

With the NFL in its offseason, the XFL has become a seemingly viable secondary professional football league, garnering fans from all around the country.

Thanks to a series of modifications by a few developers, those fans can now not only play NFL football on Madden, but they can play the XFL.

The folks behind the @XFL2KMod Twitter account have worked to integrate all eight teams into the game, editing everything from stadiums, fields, uniforms, helmets and even referees to match those of the XFL, allowing gamers to get lost and feel as if they’re actually playing an XFL video game.

“We must use Photoshop to edit these things and export them as textures using another software to do so. Everything in the game has a file, so it’s just a find and replace mining-style operation alongside of the creation process.”


The uniforms and stadiums for all eight teams are complete, but the mod team only released the initial beta with four of the teams being completely finished products with full rosters. Currently seven of the eight teams are done with the entire league expected to be finished by the end of Week 5 of the XFL season.

The only major shortcomings come in regard to only being allowed to edit certain stadiums already in the game and of course rules that differ from the NFL to the XFL.

“This is one of those things we wanted so bad, but as of now we haven’t cracked the code on kickoffs,” West says. “We’re working on a solution for PATs. We want to make it so teams go for two every time, but we can’t add a 3-point try or a 1-point try that isn’t an extra point. The time clock inside two minutes isn’t possible either, so we use college clock rules for first downs. We set play clocks to 25 seconds, and catches only require one foot inbounds.”