The New Logo Of The LA Rams Leaks Ahead Of Its Official Unveiling

With their new 2 billion dollar mega stadium in Inglewood, CA under construction, the Los Angeles Rams are ushering in a new era after moving back to the city following their tenure in St. Louis.

The team has been teasing a new logo ahead of the 2020 season, which has been leaked via a team hat.

The design moves away from the iconic ram head profile, which was first imagined in 1948 and has been the team’s icon ever since.

The new design highlights the location of the team, with LA being the focus with a ram’s horn evolving from the ‘A’.

The color yellow seems to be back in the design after the team moved to a strictly blue and white design of the ram head after its relocation.

One downfall of the design? Perhaps the similarity to what one would expect from the logo of the also newly relocated Los Angeles Chargers, with the horn resembling a bolt and of course the entire design featuring the same colors as their LA neighbors whom they will share a stadium with.