REPORT: NFL Teams Are Worried About Having Their Zoom Teleconference Hacked By Another Team During 2020 NFL Draft

Earlier this week, the NFL informed all 32 teams that the 2020 NFL Draft will proceed in a “fully virtual format.”

League and club facilities are set to remain closed, to ensure the NFL is compliant with the current regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore clubs were advised to prepare to conduct the Draft outside the facilities in their homes. This mean’s there will be no “Draft Rooms” and team personnel will be in separate locations using the phones and internet to communicate.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, this has raised some concerns within some NFL teams, who believe their Zoom teleconference could be hacked by other NFL teams in hopes of obtaining information about team’s draft boards:

Drew Harwell of the Washington Post reported on security concerns with Zoom, which allows for remote video conferencing and has spiked in popularity with social-distancing measures in place during the pandemic.


It is yet another thing to adjust to for NFL teams as they look toward their immediate and long-term future with the draft scheduled for April 23-25 approaching.