REPORT: Cleveland Browns Trading Odell Beckham Is “Only A Matter Of Time”

A report surfaced a week ago that a deal between the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Vikings centered around trading Odell Beckham was on the table.

We now know that deal was “fake news” for lack of better verbiage, but it appears as if the premise behind the Browns wanting to move their star WR is not so fake.

According to Bleacher Report, these sources all believe it’s only a matter of time before Beckham is traded from the Browns, and they don’t believe it’s because of a perceived attitude problem with Beckham, but rather he’s simply not a good fit with franchise quarterback Baker Mayfield.


One general manager went on record saying “people have the wrong idea of who he is as a person.”

Beckham’s frustration with his numbers is understandable, with his stats dropping off dramatically in the latter years of Eli Manning’s career and arguably the worst year of his career in his first season in Cleveland.