Someone Built A Scale Replica Of Cardinals Coach Kliff Kingsbury’s Insane Mansion Out Of LEGOs

Kliff Kingsbury stole the show that was the 2020 NFL Draft with one of the greatest flexes we’ve seen in a while.

With this year’s draft being held from home, NFL coaches and GMs had their homes featured on live feed, giving fans a glimpse of the part of their lives we don’t get to see. While most had relatively moderate war rooms set up, second year Cardinals coach kicked his feet up inside his insane $4.5 million Arizona mansion.

Kingsbury, looking like the NFL version of Christian Gray, posted up in the glass facaded ultra modern home with artificial turf cutouts flanking a fire pit juxtaposed to to GM’s sitting in behind a small wood paneled desk with step-and-repeat behind them was a hilarious sight.

Before the draft even concluded, one fan decided to build a scale model of the now viral image, even complete with the coach inside in the same position.