Cowboys VP Stephen Jones Says Paying Your Quarterback A lot Of Money “Decreases Your Chances To Win”

We are now approaching mid-May and the Dallas Cowboys have yet to come to an agreement on a long term extension with quarterback Dan Prescott and judging by Cowboys VP Stephen Jones’ latest comments, it doesn’t seem like the two sides are close.

During a recent interview with Pro Football Talk, Jones spoke on Prescott’s contract situation and let’s just say he didn’t seem too eager to give the Cowboys QB the mega deal he thinks he deserves:

”There’s all sorts of analytics out there that show if your quarterback takes up too big of a percentage of your salary cap, that decreases your chances to win.”

Prescott, the a fourth round pick from the 2016 Draft has spent his first four years in the league on an incredibly cheap rookie contract making $2,723,393 million over that span. Prescott is seeking a contract that pays him roughly $30-35 million annually.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys recently signed ex-Bengals QB Andy Dalton.