Are The LA Rams New “Bone” Colored Uniforms The Worst In Sports?

The Los Angeles Rams unveiled their new jerseys Wednesday morning to a similar response of when the franchise released their awful new set of logos.

While the uber-saturated blue and yellows may take some time to get used to but aren’t hideous, the team’s new “bone” uniforms are.

In an effort to get creative and draw in some characteristics of a ram itself, Nike opted for an off-white color instead of the usual white for the Rams version of an all-white uniforms, dubbing the color “bone”.

The muted taupe tone juxtaposed with the royal blue and yellow makes for a gag-worthy look that are now in the running for the worst uniforms in sports without even hitting the field yet.

The Rams had fans thinking the new Rams head logo would be rock bottom, yet here we are.