Madden NFL 21 Puts Random Photo Next To Cover Athlete Lamar Jackson’s Name In Game

How do you mess something like this up?

EA Sports released it’s closed beta as they give fans a look at Madden NFL 21 and it did not take long for gamers to realize a huge issue with the game, as many of them took to Twitter to blast EA Sports for uploading the wrong picture of Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson.

Yes, the same Lamar Jackson.. who’s on the COVER OF THE DAMN GAME!

Madden creators used a picture of cornerback Lamar Jackson who went undrafted to the New York Jets. The 22-year old Jackson, who is listed at 6’2” and 208 pounds, was a three-year starter for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.


Madden needs to get their sh*t together!