Patrick Mahomes’ New 10-Year Contract Is The Richest In The History Of Sports

Patrick Mahomes burst onto the scene in 2018, putting up numbers no quarterback had ever done and making plays some quarterbacks barely dream of, and two years later, the Chiefs have a Lombardi Trophy, largely thanks to number 15.

What’s a Super Bowl title and likely many more in the future worth? The Chiefs think close to $500,000,000.

The quarterback signed a deal Monday that will make him the Chiefs QB for the next decade and make him not just to highest paid QB in the NFL history, not just the highest paid player in football history, but the highest paid player in sports history.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who broke the news, did the math and the least Mahomes’ contract would be would stand at $427.6M, adding the actual figure, which has not been released, will be far greater.

The current richest contract in sports belongs to Mike Trout of MLB, who is signed a 12-year, $426,500,000 deal with the Anaheim Angels.