REPORT: DeAndre Baker And Quinton Dunbar Caught Paying Off Robbery Victims To Change Testimony

DeAndre Baker and Quinton Dunbar aren’t too bright.

According to a report from the New York Daily News, New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar are under investigation for working to payoff the alleged victims of the armed robbery that took place on May 13.

According to the report, Baker and Dunbar worked with an associate of theirs to orchestrate a payoff of $55,000 of the four alleged victims to change their testimony in the case.

Baker’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, denied the allegations. (Via TMZ Sports)


“DeAndre has been saying since Day 1 that this was an extortion scene, Nothing from that day has changed. Any texts from [Baker] to these extortionists were made to keep them on the hook, as we informed authorities of this extortion the minute money was demanded.

“DeAndre was with his attorneys, including myself, on the day in question and I was in contact with the authorities at the same time of the extortion demand. We have no affidavits from the alleged victims. Our affidavits are from independent witnesses.”

Per the report from NYDN, there are Instagram direct messages between the associate of Baker and Dunbar bragging about getting the victims to give false statements two days after the robbery following a payout at the office of Dunbar’s lawyer, Michael Grieco:

“We all heading to the lawyer now to get the charges dropped I got them n—-s to sign the papers,” Johnson allegedly wrote, per Leonard. “Got them same n—-s that said they got robbed to say they didn’t … Same n—-s that got robbed I made them fix that s–t.”

The New York Daily News reported payments were made to alleged victims in amounts of $30K, $20K and $5K, the latter of which was split with a fourth alleged victim.

One alleged victim provided a statement about what allegedly took place in Grieco’s office, saying “he was being directed that he didn’t see what he thought he saw.”

Dunbar’s attorney submitted statements in which the alleged victims recanted their original statements later that day, the warrant stated:

“On 5/15/20, I was contacted by Michael Grieco, attorney for Dunbar, stating the victims and witness have recanted their sworn/recorded statements against Dunbar. However, I also want the court to be aware that all five individuals have been threatened and have expressed extreme concern to me regarding their safety. One of the individual(s) was forced to move out of his apartment. The other was receiving texted messages containing pictures of his passport, the same passport that was stolen during the robbery.”

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News also reports that a team source told Pat Leonard that DeAndre Baker’s future with the team is all but over: