Odell Beckham Says The NFL Should Cancel The Season: “Why Are We Trying To Push Forward”

The NFL season is rapidly approaching, and with Major League Baseball in trouble after their restart, NFL players are concerned over the season opening with the current climate of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Dozens of players around the league have already opted out of their contracts and will sit out the 2020-2021 season, and now one of the NFL’s biggest stars is calling for the season to be cancelled.

Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. laid out his thoughts on the season in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, and questioned why the league and the players were pushing forward. 

Beckham says that not only does he not think the NFL should have a season, but that he wouldn’t mind not playing with all that’s going on. 


The NFL has taken strides to ensure the safety of its coaches players and employees by setting regulations for training camp, cancelling the preseason, helping develop face shields for helmets, and limiting the number of fans at games. But even with all those precautions, it will be tough to have any semblance of a season as we know it.