The Simpsons Seem To Have Predicted How Fans Will Attend The Bills Playoff Game

‘The Simpsons’ has become infamous for correctly predicting the future from the common occurrence to the obscure, and though this is likely due to the long-running tenure of the show, some instances are still uncanny.

This week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rather shockingly announced that he would be granting allowance for Bills fans to attend their home playoff game at Bills Stadium. Officials say 6,700 fans will be allowed inside the stadium, but will need to take a COVID-19 test and have proof of a negative test result within 72 hours of entering the stadium.

With only a small of fans, they will still have to be socially distanced in the stands.

In April of 2019, The Simpsons poked fun at Upstate New York with a parody song of the Frank Sinatra classic, “New York, New York.” During the song, Homer Simpson is seen at a mostly empty Bills Stadium with another fan that is way more than six feet away.