REPORT: Deshaun Watson Wants To Be Traded To The New York Jets

Watson to the Big Apple?

The possibility of Deshaun Watson being traded prior to next season is seeming to become more and more probable, and despite the dozens of photoshops of Watson in other team’s jerseys around the league, he’s apparently narrowed it down to two.

The Jets are reportedly Watson’s top pick followed by the Dolphins.

Luckily for Watson, the Jets and Dolphins have the most compensation out of any team on Houston’s radar. Miami has Tua Tagovailoa and the third overall pick in this year’s draft to headline an offer to the Texans, which ironically enough was the Texans’ pick originally before trading it for Laremy Tunsil last offseason.


On the other hand, the Jets have a commanding offer as well, with numerous first round picks from the Jamal Adams trade, along with the second overall pick in this year’s draft, AND Sam Darnold to try to allure Houston.

Time will tell…