Seahawks OT Chad Wheeler Arrested For Domestic Violence After Choking GF For Not Bowing To Him

Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman Chad Wheeler was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence and was booked into the King County Jail in Seattle last weekend, according to jail records. Wheeler was released on $400,000 bond Tuesday morning, jail records show.

Wheeler is accused of assaulting his girlfriend at an apartment in Kent, Washington. The Kent Police Dept. report said Wheeler allegedly threw the women on a bed, strangling her before she lost consciousness and later picking a lock on a door to a bathroom where the women had fled to call 911 after she regained consciousness.

The incident began when Wheeler asked the woman to bow to him, according to the report. It said Wheeler had not been taking his medication for bipolar disorder.

In a statement provided to The Seattle Times, the Seahawks said: “We are aware of the situation and still gathering information.”