Dallas Cowboys Agree To Contract With QB Dak Prescott

After what seemed like an eternity, the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott have finally agreed to a contract.

Prescott has been adamant about commanding serious money for his second contract with the team after taking over for Tony Romo and emerging as the Cowboys franchise QB, but Jerry Jones has been reluctant to overpay, which seems like you have to do in this era to keep star players.

Typically a player getting injured would be an argument not to throw a bunch of money at a player, but with the Cowboys free-fall from glory in 2020 following Dak’s season-ending ankle injury, Prescott’s worth to the team was amplified, perhaps more than if he were actually on the field.

The Cowboys had franchised Prescott for the past two seasons, and with the two reportedly far apart from a number in recent months, it appeared it may happen again, until news broke today that the two struck a deal.

The deal includes a no-trade and no tag clause.