Cincinnati Bengals New Uniforms Leaked On eBay

The Cincinnati Bengals were planning on unveiling their new uniforms later this year, but an eBay user took it upon himself to leak the team’s new redesigned uniforms to the world.

Multiple listings from user “originaljersey81” include both the home black and orange alternate versions of the Bengals’ new jerseys, which feature tiger stripes on the shoulders that are a modern update of their 1981-96 and 1997-2003 uniforms. There are no television numbers or logos on the sleeves, leaving just a white Nike Swoosh:

Cincinnati will have a small Bengals word mark across the chest above what looks like a modified version of their previous number font.The jersey also includes the signature of late founder and coach Paul Brown on the inside of the back collar. It’s unclear what color the team’s pants will be: