Deshaun Watson Now Faces 13 Lawsuits Filed With Latest Victim Claiming He “Climaxed ON her Face & Body” During Massage

The lawsuits continue to pile up for Deshaun Watson as Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle is now reporting that a total of 13 lawsuits have been filed against the Texans star quarterback over sexual assault/harassment:

Watson only released a statement denying the accusations when the first accusation came to light last week. He has since been mum on the now 13 suits and counting.

One of the newest accusations state how Watson suddenly ejaculated on the face and body of a masseuse during a session:

“Watson and Plaintiff discussed scheduling and scheduled a massage to take place at Plaintiff’s house. Prior to the massage, Watson and Plaintiff spoke on the phone to discuss focus areas.

Plaintiff asked what type of oils he liked so she could get ready. Watson said whichever oil is fine and explained the focus points. Watson said he wanted the focus to be on area and inner thighs. On the way to Plaintiff’s house, Watson texted Plaintiff asking if anyone would be at her house.

Watson said he wanted to “know [his] surroundings.” Plaintiff assured her that it would just be her. Watson arrived at Plaintiff’s house and asked where they would set up. Plaintiff started setting up the massage table when Watson started to immediately undress and take off his clothes with Plaintiff in the room.

Watson got completely naked.

Plaintiff had never done a massage before so she thought maybe this was normal behavior. Plaintiff instructed Watson to lay on his stomach on the massage table. Plaintiff started massaging his legs and Watson told her she could “come up more.”

Watson wanted her to massage the area underneath his genitals and his anus. Again, Plaintiff was not familiar with a Swedish massage so she did not know what was proper. Plaintiff assumed this was normal Plaintiff started to massage near his groin area and Watson asked if she was ready for him to turn on his back.

Watson flipped over onto his back and Plaintiff started to massage the inner thigh area. Watson asked her once again to “come up.” Watson told her to massage the groin area. As Plaintiff went to massage his groin area, Watson suddenly ejaculated everywhere, all over Plaintiff’s face, and all over Plaintiff’s body.

Watson then started to thrust his body up and down with a full erection. Watson then started to take his own hand and started to masturbate.

Here’s the full interaction: