REPORT: Packers Told Aaron Rodgers They Would Trade Him And Then Backed Out; Rodgers Thought He Was Being Traded To 49ers

The Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers relationship is reportedly a “bleep” show and it seems a divorce is inevitable.

Earlier today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter dropped a bombshell when he reported that Rodgers was unhappy and “disgruntled” with the Green Bay Packers organization and even went as far as to tell some in the organization that he wants out.

Since then, more information has dropped about what has transpired that has caused this relationship to reach this point and according to Trey Wingo, the relationship deteriorated when the Packers backed out of trading Rodgers after telling him they would:

What makes matters worse is Rodgers thought he was being traded to the San Francisco 49ers as of last night:


This situation is unfolding very quickly!