Mike Vrabel Calls Out Julio Jones Over Doing “Dumb Sh*t” In Loss To Cardinals

There were plenty of things for Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel to be pissed off at after the team’s embarrassing 38-13 loss at home to the Arizona Cardinals but one particular thing really stood out.

During his press conference on Monday, Vrabel was asked about Jones’ unnecessary roughness penalty that cost the Titans 15-yards and took the team from a 3rd and 1 to a 3rd and 16.

Vrabel did not hold back:

“That’s absolutely nothing we coach or teach,” Vrabel said. “So that would fall under the category of doing dumb s*** that hurts the team. Right there, in bold letters.”


Jones’ Titans debut didn’t go as expected. He caught only three passes for 29 yards on six targets.

If the Titans are going to avoid a 0-2 start in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks, they’ll need far less “dumb sh*t” from Jones and the rest of the Titans.