Bucs Fan Who Gave Back Brady’s Half A Million Dollar 600th TD Ball Was Given $1,000 To Team Store

Byron Kennedy went to Sunday’s Bucs-Bears game with a ticket for a good seats expecting to see some quality play. Little did he know he would be the most famous Bucs fan walking out of that stadium.

After catching Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown pass, WR Mike Evans unknowingly gave the ball to a fan wearing his jersey, that fan was of course Byron.

Realizing Evans’ mistake, a team training went over to Kennedy and asked for the ball back, which after some convincing, obliged. Little did he know that ball was estimated to be worth anywhere from $500k-$750k.

In return the Buccaneers gave Kennedy a replacement ball from the game and $1,000 in merchandise credit to the team store.

Not quite the trade of the century. Though lackluster, sources say the fan should be receiving some signed memorabilia from the team later this week.