REPORT: Everson Griffen Refusing To Come Out Of Home According To Police On Scene

Let’s all pray for the safety and well-being of Everson Griffen, as he continues to deal with a mental health issue that appears to be putting his life in danger.

Earlier today, Griffen posted (and deleted) a video on Instagram in which he flashes his gun and claims that people are trying to kill him in his home. Girrfen shows the gun to the camera, claiming its loaded while revealing that teammate Dalvin Cook helped him purchase the firearm.

The since-deleted Instagram posts also includes a screenshot of a text message exchange between Griffen and his agent Brian Murphy.

The situation has escalated to the point where police are trying to reach Griffen but he has refused to come out of his home. Police, along with psychologists are on the scene, in an attempt to help Griffen.


It also being reported that Griffen called 911 and told them that someone was inside his home and he needed help from police. He also told dispatch that he fired his gun in his house, but no one was injured.

He’s currently believed to be alone in his home. Police were said to have been on scene since 7 am.