NFL Told DeSean Jackson If He Didn’t Take Off His John Madden Tribute Cleats, He Would Be Ejected

The No Fun League strikes again – let me know if you’ve heard that before.

The NFL has an infamously strict uniform policy where players can get fined tens of thousands for something as simple as the wrong socks or a shirt untucked.

The league does this to maintain and consistent and professional look, but some enforcements just seem unnecessary, and this is the latest case.

John Madden, arguably the most influential figure in the history of professional football passed away last week, and rightfully was honored at ever stadium on Sunday. The Raiders even had a crest on their helmet in remembrance of their former head coach. Raiders WR DeShaun Jackson also decided to honor the famed coach commentator with a pair of custom tribute cleats.


Well, those cleats didn’t last more than a few plays as Jackson was told by the NFL that if he didn’t take them off, he would be removed from the game.

Jackson obliged, but called out the league on Instagram after the game.