Washington Football Team Appears To Have Accidentally Leaked The Franchise’s New Name

The Washington Football Team announced Tuesday that that would be (finally) officially unveiling the new identity of the franchise on February 2nd next month, teasing the new jerseys and helmets to fans.

Among the final six candidates are the to the Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Redhawks, Commanders, and Defenders, but after what happened yesterday, one of them may have a leg up.

Someone realized on Tuesday that the domain ‘WashingtonAdmirals.com’ links back to the Washington Football Team’s main website, something that no other combination of any of the other possible names does.

If this wasn’t simply an oversight by whoever linked the domain before the announcement of the possible domains, it was a fan who decided to buy the domain and link it, which wouldn’t make sense to that just for ‘Admirals’.

Very interesting…