Antonio Brown Says Tom Brady Isn’t His Boy, Only Let Him Stay With Him To Make Himself Look Good

After being cut by the Buccaneers on Thursday, Antonio Brown has taken to appearing on podcasts instead of helping helping his team attempt to repeat in the Super Bowl.

The disgruntled WR appeared on the FullSend podcast following his infamous run off the field at MetLife Stadium during Week 17, and was asked about various topics from his newly found rap career to of course what happened that Sunday. One topic Brown addressed was his relationship with Tom Brady, who welcomed him to Tampa with open arms, even letting him stay at his home while getting settled.

Brown sounded about as ungrateful as it gets.

Brown cited Tom not being able to get him anything more than a prove it deal, totally disregarding the fact that no other team wanted him due to him being cut by the last three teams he played for.


When asked about Brady’s gesture of letting him stay at his house, Brown responded with that he “got his own house” and doesn’t need anyone else’s money, adding “guys do that to influence you guys [in the] publicly.”

The entire segment can be seen starting at the 28 minute mark of the podcast.