Watch Tom Brady Refuse To Come Out Of Bucs Week 18 Game Until Gronk Gets His $500k Incentive

If you’re a team like the Raiders or Chargers, the final week of the regular season if a must-win, last ditch effort for a playoff spot. If you’re a team like the Bucs, it’s typically a don’t get injured, but try to go out and earn all the incentives in your contract day on the field.

That was the case for Rob Gronkowski, who was within reach of two incentives that totaled $1 million, a $500k bonus for catching 7 more passes and another half million for catching 85 more yards worth.

With Gronk on the cusp, Brady defied head coach Bruce Arians who was attempting to pull the QB out of the relatively meaningless game and stayed in until Gronk eclipsed the incentives, and then immediately came out.