Colts GM Chris Ballard Non-Committal To Having Carson Wentz With Team In 2022 After Embarrassing End To Season

The Indianapolis Colts season came to a shocking end in Week 18 when they lost to the dumpster fire Jacksonville Jaguars.

The loss was an embarrassing one for the Colts organization, who were left wondering how they didn’t qualify for the postseason despite having everything right in front of them.

Earlier this week, Colts GM Chris Ballard spoke about the embarrassing season-ending loss and he was blunt in his assessment of the situation.

He was asked about the situation at quarterback and despite trading a first-round pick for Carson Wentz a year ago, Ballard was non-committal on the 29-year-old:


Whether or not Carson Wentz is the Colts starting quarterback in 2022 is to be determined but one thing is for sure, Ballard and the Colts are looking for long term stability at the quarterback position and it’s easy to question whether Wentz offers that.