Anonymous Dolphins Player Says He’s “Wasting Career” With Tua Tagovailoa At QB In Miami

The Miami Dolphins went from being a team loaded with draft picks poised to finally be in a position return to a perennial playoff contender (gone since since the days of Marino), to a team now void of a head coach with players talking behind each others backs.

The Phins finished the season 9-8 despite a nightmare of a 1-7 start, and yet Brian Flores was canned.

The decision seemed to have come down to a power struggle with team GM Chris Grier, which reportedly involved Flores’ thoughts on Tua, wanting Watson in a Dolphins uniform instead. Apparently some players agree with Flores.

An anonymous Dolphins defender told Miami beat writer Omar Kelly that he’s “wasting his career” in Miami with Tua at quarterback.

Tagovailoa has been polarizing at QB of the Dolphins, putting up good numbers but not having the star factor Miami would have hoped drafting him at No. 5 in the 2020 draft.