Cooper Kupp’s Wife Worked Full Time To Financially Support Him In College So He Could Pursue NFL Dream

Cooper Kupp’s wife is the definition of a ‘ride or die chick’ and she deserves everything in life.

At one in his life, Cooper Kupp was a struggling financially as he attended Eastern Washington. His car would often break down and the only person that was there to offer any support was his girlfriend, who later became his wife.


“After football practice, Kupp drove his white Nissan Pathfinder — often with teammates in passenger seats hoping their ride wouldn’t experience one of its infamous breakdowns — across the Eastern Washington campus from the red-turf Roos Field to the restaurant, where a special someone would be expecting him.


Behind the cash register or serving orders in Styrofoam containers, his wife, Anna Kupp, worked her first job.

“I supported us monetarily through college,” Anna said, laughing, almost in disbelief she pulled it off. “I was working full time so that he didn’t have to worry about that, so that he could focus.”

Cooper’s goals pertained to football, and he discovered after a summer of morning workouts followed by an afternoon landscaping gig that he felt exhausted when the season rolled around.

Football, along with school, had to be his full-time job. Anna supported and sacrificed, while also attending college, in every way she could.

“Without a doubt, there’s no doubt in my mind, not only would I not be here where I am today without her or accomplishing the things that I would be doing,” Kupp said. “I really believe I may not be in this — I may not be in the NFL if it wasn’t for her and what she has inspired in me and pushed me to do.”

Back in 2020, the Rams and Kupp agreed to terms on a three-year, $48 million contract extension.

He and Anna Croskrey have been married since 2015, which happened after they finished their sophomore year at Eastern Washington University. Kupp and Croskrey currently have two children together.