Ex-49ers Frank Gore & Joe Staley Offer To Buy Tickets For All 49ers Fans In Hopes Of Taking Over SoFi Stadium

The Rams played the 49ers at home earlier this season and there was just about as much red in the seats as there was blue and yellow. With the two now meeting for a third time this season in the NFC Championship game, the Rams are doing all they can to prevent it from happening again.

Immediately after their Divisional Round win against the Bucs, the team enacted a policy to only sell tickets to local Los Angeles residents in hopes of pushing away their neighbors from buying up the seats and traveling to the game.

Well, in response, 49ers legends Frank Gore and Joe Staley have a plan of their own. Joe Staley, who perhaps lives in the designated area allowed to buy tickets, has offered to buy up tickets for Niners fans, and Gore has offered to help out.

Perhaps there will be a red wave takeover in SoFi after all.